14th February 2017

in Virtual

Loadbalancer.org Enterprise VA with oVirt(RHEV) 4.1

Posted by Aaron West 14th February in Virtual

I’ve had a fruitful weekend getting up to speed with oVirt the awesome virtualization platform founded by Red Hat. It’s been great fun getting to grips with it’s features making me quite jealous as I’m normally a Libvirt/KVM user, so seeing all the pretty and useful features available in this offering has been awe inspiring…

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7th February 2017


MS SQL Health Check

Posted by Neil Hosking 7th February in DRBD & MySQL

Recently we've noticed more customers are load balancing Microsoft SQL Server. We already have a built in MySQL health check in the appliance, but until now we've avoided having a Microsoft SQL check as it is not open source.

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26th January 2017

in Load Balancing

Do you remember when you could get fired – for not buying F5?

Posted by Malcolm Turnbull 26th January in Load Balancing

You might not be old enough to remember the highly effective marketing campaign from IBM, that implied buying from anyone else would get you fired... However, I just read Kemp Technologies mildly amusing press release about replacing F5, and it got me thinking - Is it time that F5 starts to run a similar campaign?

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12th January 2017

in Business

Loadbalancer.org Support – its not just a career, it’s a lifestyle choice

Posted by Dave Saunders 12th January in Business

One of the things we are regularly told at Loadbalancer.org is that our support is "really awesome", "fast, efficient and very professional" "first class" etc. Personally, I don't like 'Rah Rah Rah, look at us!' type blog posts; but occasionally, promoting our strong points and the areas we excel at is something we should all do. When customers are saying we’re awesome, it’s not so much boasting, we’re just sharing the good news.

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11th January 2017

in Business

Loadbalancer.org must’ve been well behaved in 2016

Posted by Jake Borman 11th January in Business

Loadbalancer.org must've been well behaved in 2016. Or at least that's the opinion of the hard working elves down at HAProxy Technologies. Our good friends across the channel very kindly sent us a Christmas gift, in the form of their ALOHA Pocket load balancer...

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13th December 2016

in SSL

Loadbalancer.org with Let’s Encrypt, quick and dirty!

Posted by Aaron West 13th December in SSL

Let’s Encrypt offers us a free way to get SSL certs with the aim to be less complex than our current solutions, hmm... Well that sounds pretty cool! I had known about Let’s Encrypt for a while now but never had the need to take the plunge until this weekend.

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5th December 2016

in High Availability

GSLB – Why Global Server Load Balancers Don’t Always Suck? (Polaris-GSLB) Part 2

Posted by Aaron West 5th December in High Availability

In part one we were introduced to Polaris-GSLB which is a cool little open source GSLB solution, we went through a simple use case scenario and discussed the features it supports. In part two of this Blog I’m going to show you how to build Polaris-GSLB on CentOS 7.

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