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Our number one priority has always been to guarantee you high-availability.
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Exceptional value

Competitively priced, our load balancers include a surprisingly comprehensive array of features.
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Secure application delivery

You need secure solutions, so we include an integrated Web Application Firewall and frequent security updates.
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Scalable performance

Even our entry-level load balancers support unlimited throughput.
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stress-free deployment

We have a long history of partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon and VMware with fully certified solutions.
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proper support

With our own support engineers available 24/7, you will love our fast and professional service.
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With 12,000 deployments in 74 countries over 14 years - you can count on us

You need a company that makes sure your application never breaks – obvious really isn't it? Don't you want someone who understands the potential problems? Suggests new answers, and more importantly – explains why to do it that way. Why not choose someone who gives a damn?

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How Should You Compare Load Balancers?

If you are searching on Google for load balancer comparisons – like I just did.. you will come across some blatant sales pitches from various vendors. I myself have been guilty of writing a blog entry or two in the past that may have exaggerated the benefits of over Kemp Technologies...

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Integrating Your Load Balancer With Auto Scaling Groups In EC2

Amazon’s auto scaling feature is a great tool to ensure that you always meet your desired server capacity. This helps you keep up with the demand from your users while keeping costs down...

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Why do I need two load balancers?

This question was asked a lot more frequently 10 years ago. In fact we were asked it so often that we used it as the title on the home page for that very reason. It amazed me that people would go to all the effort of configuring a cluster of multiple application servers but only use ONE load balancer! That's just plain stupid.

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The company I work for designs/builds data centers for airports all over the world and four years ago we started using's loadbalancer virtual appliance. In these past four years I have only had to reach out to their support twice. The quick response and level of attention I received was like no other. I had anywhere from 1 to 3 support engineers engaged both times I submitted a ticket. I fly to sites to oversee the turning up of the systems and the pressure is always high, so quick response times and great attention for help speaks volumes about a company. supplies a proven product and outstanding level of support.
Clayton Miller, Arinc
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