1st March 2017

in Load Balancing

DelftDI Medical Imaging Case Study – Healthcare Industry

Posted by Jake Borman 1st March in Load Balancing

DelftDI recommends Loadbalancer.org for critical medical imaging systems DelftDI, a Canon group company, develops, delivers and maintains radiology and patient imaging systems for hospitals across the globe. For more than ten years, it has been recommending and installing products from Loadbalancer.org to ensure the high availability and performance of these crucial medical applications.

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12th January 2017

in Business

Loadbalancer.org Support – its not just a career, it’s a lifestyle choice

Posted by Dave Saunders 12th January in Business

One of the things we are regularly told at Loadbalancer.org is that our support is "really awesome", "fast, efficient and very professional" "first class" etc. Personally, I don't like 'Rah Rah Rah, look at us!' type blog posts; but occasionally, promoting our strong points and the areas we excel at is something we should all do. When customers are saying we’re awesome, it’s not so much boasting, we’re just sharing the good news.

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11th January 2017

in Business

Loadbalancer.org must’ve been well behaved in 2016

Posted by Jake Borman 11th January in Business

Loadbalancer.org must've been well behaved in 2016. Or at least that's the opinion of the hard working elves down at HAProxy Technologies. Our good friends across the channel very kindly sent us a Christmas gift, in the form of their ALOHA Pocket load balancer...

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8th November 2016

in Business

Loadbalancer.org is the best company to work for! Fact

Posted by Richard Halcrow 8th November in Business

Loadbalancer.org had been nominated for the award "The best company to work for". Sadly we didn't win but we were definitely the best dressed. Check out photo's from the event and our summary of IPExpo Europe.

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9th June 2016

in Business

Loadbalancer.org celebrates 10 year partnership with VMware

Posted by Jake Borman 9th June in Business

Was it really a whole decade ago when we embarked on this scary new venture into the unknown abyss that was virtualization? How things have changed now that we've reached the day of the hoverboard.

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23rd May 2016

in Loadbalancer.org

Thank you to all who visited us at IP EXPO Manchester 2016

Posted by Jake Borman 23rd May in Loadbalancer.org

It's usually our UK Sales Manager, Richard Halcrow, who gets tasked with writing the post trade show blog post, but as he's been on a cruise around Iceland for the last couple of weeks I thought I'd give it a go.

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6th May 2016

in AWS and Azure

Cloud Expo Europe 2016

Posted by Richard Halcrow 6th May in AWS and Azure

Thank you to all who stopped by our stand at Cloud Expo Europe. We love getting out of the office and meeting new and existing customers.

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