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28th September 2016

in AWS and Azure

Transparent HAProxy in Azure using TProxy

Posted by Ben Cabot 28th September in AWS and Azure

We all know that the built-in Azure load balancer is perfectly functional, but sometimes you need a proper load balancer. HAProxy is an excellent choice if you need layer 7 functionality, but its a full reverse-proxy, so the application thinks that all of the traffic is coming from HAProxys IP - rather than the clients. So what can you do if the load balanced application needs to know the real clients IP address in Azure?

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11th May 2016

in AWS and Azure

Integrating your load balancer with auto scaling groups in EC2 (Amazon AWS)

Posted by Ben Cabot 11th May in AWS and Azure

Amazon's auto scaling feature is a great tool to ensure that you always meet your desired server capacity. This helps you keep up with the demand from your users while keeping costs down. Amazon's ELB ties in well with auto scaling groups automatically load balancing servers that have been brought up as the result of an auto scaling action. However some people require more from their load balancer than ELB can provide.

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6th May 2016

in AWS and Azure

Cloud Expo Europe 2016

Posted by Richard Halcrow 6th May in AWS and Azure

Thank you to all who stopped by our stand at Cloud Expo Europe. We love getting out of the office and meeting new and existing customers.

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9th March 2016

in AWS and Azure

Load balancing Microsoft Remote Desktop Services in AWS

Posted by Rob Cooper 9th March in AWS and Azure

We have an increasing number of customers who are using our Enterprise AWS load balancer appliance for load balancing remote desktop services in the AWS cloud.

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12th September 2015

in AWS and Azure

Cloud based GSLB made simple with concierge service from

Posted by Theo Harvey 12th September in AWS and Azure

Anyone who has been watching over the last few years will have noticed the things that we don't like :-). We've made it pretty clear that we don't like load balancing firewalls and we've also been pretty reluctant to turn our load balancers into a GSLB. Why? Because putting PowerDNS on a load balancer is a daft thing to do, that’s why.

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10th April 2015

in AWS and Azure

Transparent Load balancing with HAProxy on Amazon EC2

Posted by Ben Cabot 10th April in AWS and Azure

This is a quick guide on how to setup transparent mode on HAProxy in Amazon's EC2. One of our favored methods of load balancing is using Layer 4 DR because it is transparent and fast. Unfortunately because of Amazon's infrastructure this is not possible in EC2 so we need to use another method which means we are left with layer 4 NAT and transparent HAproxy using TProxy.

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28th August 2013

in AWS and Azure

Load balancing UDP on EC2

Posted by Ben Cabot 28th August in AWS and Azure

I had been tasked with finding a way to load balance UDP on AWS. Normally we would use ipvsadm in at layer 4 DR but because of the limitations in EC2 this is not possible so another method was needed. So this is a short guide on how to get a simple UDP load balancer running. We will be using pen, it is described as a simple tcp load balancer and has been around for a while.

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